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Glee Femslash

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Created on 2012-01-10 13:41:02 (#1406662), last updated 2012-07-14 (271 weeks ago)

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Name:Glee Femslash
Posting Access:All Members

This community was created as a place to write about and enjoy the women of Glee. It is moderated by the same folks as [ profile] gleefemslash. Fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, icons, and discussion posts are welcome and encouraged. Posting is members only but anyone can comment, even anons.

Glee and the related characters are all property of Fox. No copyright infringement is intended.


All posts must be on topic and about a femslash pairing on Glee. WARN FOR NSFW POSTS. If you fail to do so your posting access will be restricted. Be courteous to each other. No bashing, flamming, trolling, spamming, or hateful posts or comments will be allowed. Advertising of new communities, ficathons, allowed with mod permission only. No posting of non-Glee related things!

Unabridged Rules

Posting Format

When posting fan fiction or any other forms of art they are required to have a rating and proper spoiler warnings attached. Please use the following header:


Place all fiction, fanart, fanvid, and meta behind an lj cut or link to a personal journal. If your post does not meet the posing standards of this community you will receive a warning to edit it. Please do not re-post old art, fic, icons,etc.. there will be recommendation posts/days for everyone to share their favorites. Please do not post more than once a day; feel free to post links to several stories in one post.


To help keep the community organized please use the tags; lack of tagging will result in your post being deleted. Every post should have the following tags: character(s) that the post is about, the category that your post belongs in, author tag and a rating. Yes, even discussion posts need to be rated.

The complete list of tags is available here.

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